Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ready, set, go! TGC Fellows Prepare for Indonesia

From Mississippi to Indonesia, initial connections in preparation for TGC field experience:

My Most Grateful Moment As An Educator

I received my first communication from my Indonesian host teacher and I felt like a little kid opening a gift on Christmas Day. Like a madman, I had been anxiously awaiting her reply every since I hit the send button on my initial email to her. Before I could finish reading the email I was filled with excitement. I danced around my apartment with uncontainable gratitude. Never before had I been so elated to be an educator. Continue reading...

The Final Hours: From Illinois to Indonesia
 Almost Ready to Go.....I Should Probably Start Packing 
Well, I'm leaving in about 26 hours (less time than it will take to travel from Chicago to Jakarta), so I should probably start packing.  I think I have everything ready: clothes, anti-malaria medication, way too many electronics, miscellaneous Chicago and Leyden souvenirs, a few snacks in case my digestive system doesn't appreciate the local cuisine, etc.  Once we celebrate two "graduations" (8th and 5th grades for my own kids), I can really get ready to go. Continue reading...


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