Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Education Perceptions...TGC Fellows in the Classroom

What you hear may not be what you see,TGC fellow shares experience visiting Brazilian schools

We had been told that public schools in Brazil are the least desirable place to send students.  They are often in undesirable areas, in buildings that lack regular maintenance, and that the students are less "motivated", whatever that is supposed to mean.  Students graduate and go to work - less than 20% go on to any college or university.  It's interesting that the public high schools (and primary and middle as well) have such poor reputations.  The federally-run universities, also public, are considered the best in the nation compared to private universities. Continue reading...

From teacher to learner, TGC fellow shares experience teaching and learning in an Indian school.

I was really impressed with Indian students' math skills during my visits to classrooms.  Their computation was very fast and their mental math and overall fluency skills were impressive.  Everyone seemed to be on grade level with math facts. Continue reading...

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