Monday, February 16, 2015

Teachers for Global Classrooms Application

Are you a teacher looking to bring the world into your classroom? Do your students crave connections to people outside their community and country? Do you have the skills and experiences to equip a new generation of global citizens?

If so, then you should apply now to the Teachers for Global Classrooms Program (TGC), a year-long professional development program for elementary, middle and high school teachers aimed at globalizing teaching and learning in U.S. classrooms.

“I applied because I wanted to take what I do in my high school science (classes) to a new level of global relevance,” recounts Monroe, Indiana physics and integrated science teacher Michael Baer, one of a select group of teachers who participated in the 2012-2013 program.

Michael Baer learning a bandura, the national instrument, during his International Field Experience in Ukraine.

For the past three years, teachers from across the U.S. have been participating in this unique program that offers an online global education course, a global education symposium in Washington, DC, an international field experience to one of six countries across the globe, and the opportunity to create a capstone project, providing an international education resource for their local community.

“The TGC travel experience changed me substantially,” states Baer, as he recalls his trip to Ukraine in the summer of 2013. “As a physics teacher, spending a day in Pripyat Village at Chernobyl—listening to accounts of survivors, taking radiation readings with Geiger counters, observing the desolation that one nuclear accident can wreak on a pristine land—this gave me a totally new awareness of the realities of nuclear power.”

But TGC isn’t just about teachers’ learning and experiences; it’s also about bringing the world back to their classrooms. When Baer talks about the impact that globalizing his classroom has had on his students, he reflects, “my students have new hearts—global hearts.  They are not only informed, they are willing to take personal steps to address poverty, water, hunger, and human trafficking, among other issues.” Baer’s new global conscientiousness has helped turn his students into true global citizens.

To learn more about TGC and how it can help you globalize your classroom go to the TGC website. Participants for the program are selected through a national, open competition, and applications for the 2015-2016 program are being accepted through March 18, 2015.

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