Thursday, March 26, 2015

Alumni Small Grants Winners!

Big congratulations to the winners of the US Teachers Alumni Small Grants program!  

This year, 23 alumni received funding for their original small grant projects to support the development of global education in their classrooms and communities.

Projects awarded this cycle include Virtual Exchanges between classrooms in the U.S., Ghana, Brazil, Morocco, and Poland, Curriculum Design focused on Global Education, and a Global Scholar Certificate Initiative.  See below for a complete list of Alumni Small Grant recipients and their projects.

We are excited to see what comes from these great projects!

U.S. Teachers Alumni Small Grant Recipients, Spring 2015 

Felicia Alexander (East Windsor, New Jersey, TGC 2014): Promoting Cross Cultural Student Engagement Through Video and Literature

Anne Artz (La Jolla, California, TGC 2013):  Building an International Garden

Seth Brady (Naperville, Illinois, TGC 2013):  Illinois Global Scholar Certificate

Bonnee Breese (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, TGC 2013) & 
Corinth Matera (Minneapolis, Minnesota, TGC 2013):  U.S.-Ghana Global Read, Part II

Judith Carruth (Fort Morgan, Colorado, TGC 2013):  Language and Culture Exchange: Colorado Meets Goiana

Cathy Collins (Sharon, Massachusetts, TGC 2014): Global Studies Resource Center

Astrid Felter (Longmont, Colorado, TGC 2014): Effective Lesson Planning for Elementary English Teachers

Caroline Foster (Portland, Maine, TGC 2014):  Perspectives on World War II

Renata Germino (Charlottesville, Virginia, TGC 2014):  Power of the Drum: Building School Community Through African Drumming

Janet Hall (Bethany, Oklahoma, TGC 2007):  Evaluating Global Issues

Helen Haskell (Albuquerque, New Mexico, TGC 2014):  How do we Feed the World?

Aura Highsmith (Newark, New Jersey, TGC 2013):  World Without Walls Mural Windows

Lesley Hilts Crowfoot (Deer Park, Washington, TGC 2013): Poetry of Witness: Examining the Refugee Experience

Dana Kepler (Kansas City, Missouri, TGC 2013): Read the World

Juliana Keyes (Arlington, Massachusetts, TGC 2010): Medieval Africa

Nancy Kunsman (Gore, Oklahoma, TGC 2012): Global Awakening International Bookshelf and Reading Circle

Matthew Lutz (Charlotte, Vermont, TGC 2014): Global Literature: Global Issues

Jeremy Peterson (Rice Lake, Wisconsin, TGC 2012): Refugee or Immigrant: Using Personal Stories to Understand the Immigrant Experience

Dana Tatlock (Providence, Rhode Island, TEA 2009): The Silk Road: Connections Across Space, Time and Cultures

Steve Weissburg (Ithaca, New York, TGC 2012): Global Math Consortium

Frances Wilkins (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, TGC 2014): We are South Philadelphia: We are Morocco

Noah Zeichner (Seattle, Washington, TGC 2012): Washington State Global Issues Network (WAGIN) Conference

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