Thursday, April 2, 2015

Global Education is Catching in New Hampshire!

“Thanks to TGC, things are starting to happen!” – Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt, a current TGC fellow, has become very engaged at the local and state levels in spreading the word about global education! 

Pete recently presented at the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire’s first-ever Think Global Conference, held at Southern New Hampshire University.  His presentation to New Hampshire teachers was about global competency and strategies for integrating these competencies into instruction and learning!  Pete is also working to increase his sphere of influence as a leader in global education by having been recently elected to the New Hampshire Association of World Language Teachers. This board works with school districts all over the state and represents the interests of world languages in the New Hampshire Department of Education and state legislature.   

At the suggestion of his school administrator, who attended our Global Education Symposium in February with him, Pete applied and got accepted to participate in the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Think Tank on Global Education! Congratulations to Pete! We are excited to be able to be a part of the great work our teachers are doing on a daily basis to globalize their classrooms, schools, and communities.


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