Thursday, July 23, 2015

Diversity & Global Education

"An important step students take toward global competence is recognizing that they hold a particular perspective—one that others may not share. To reach a full understanding of world issues,they must be able to articulate and explain the perspectives of other people, groups, or schools of thought."
Boix Mansilla & Jackson, Asia Society, Educating for Global Competence: Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World 

Globalization and economic competition have created the need for teachers to prepare students to be globally-minded and globally competent and ready for the 21st century workforce.  Diversity in the United States is also a major driving force for the movement to globalize American classrooms. In a recent article, Alison DeNisco discusses the role of programs like TGC in meeting the needs of teachers because, "Changing demographics have compelled undergraduate and working K12 teachers to expand their knowledge of foreign cultures". TGC fellows are teacher leaders and global educators who are doing the work to prepare students for the diverse and ever-changing society in which they live. Take a look at our fellows' blogs to see just how they are preparing! You can find links to their travels here.


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