Monday, August 31, 2015

Reflections on the TGC Experience

Robert Lurie Reflects on the TGC Fellowship and the Field Experience in India

Robert Lurie’s international field experience in Kerala, India greatly shaped his vision for education at Waverly High School in Michigan. After returning from India, Robert, who has always been intrigued by world affairs, is now even more dedicated to introducing global and non-Western perspectives to his students.  
From Left to Right: Erik Remsen (VT), Thomas Varghese (Kerala, India), Robert Lurie (MI) taking a break during the field experience to dip their toes in the Arabian Sea.

As a result of his TGC fellowship, after 31 years of teaching, Robert volunteered to instruct the English Language Learners (ELL) class at Waverly High School. He views this as an opportunity to assist students in their adjustment to the school, and to help the rest of the student body understand and appreciate different cultures. In addition to instructing international students in the ELL class, Robert is also working closely with his principal to create a global certificate program at Waverly High School. With a global education, Robert hopes his Michigan students will better understand their place in the world. Hear from Robert Lurie about how his international field experience in Kerala has bolstered his passion for international education and expanding student perspectives. 

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