Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Featured: Brazil Field Experience

Study, Travel, Teach with TGC Fellow Jayme Hicks

We want to look beyond food, flags, and festivals in our efforts to educate globally-minded students, however, we cannot ignore the importance of food as an element that connects us to our neighbors around the world.

"The more you travel, the more you realize we are all more alike than different. In the Southeastern United States, we express our love through food. 'Help your plate!' 'Don't you want some more?' 'Let me fix you something!' In Nova Campina, it is the same." Jayme Hicks, TGC Fellow, Suwanee, GA

With a 'food' lens, you can examine human migration patterns, history, culture, and economies in the classroom, or experience a new place somewhere else in the world.  Jayme Hicks is doing just that on her blog; she talks about food, family, culture, and her experiences in the Brazilian schools during her field experience.
Jayme and her partner teacher, Lindsay Taylor, are welcomed by students and faculty in Nova Campinas

Jayme teaches Language Arts at Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwanee, Georgia and has been teaching Language Arts for the past 12 years. She teaches seniors Language Arts and Advanced Placement Language and Composition.  Jayme enjoys amateur competitive cooking with her family’s barbecue team; a nice compliment to her interest in the study of cultural relevancy in the classroom!

Jayme traveled to Brazil with 15 of her Teachers for Global Classrooms Program colleagues this past June.  Use the map below to see where she went!

To read more about the experiences of all of the Brazil cohort, click here for links to their travel blogs!

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