Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Teacher Conversations

Back to School: TGC Fellow Sandra Brown on the Urgency of Global Education

Sandra Brown is an English teacher and teacher leader in the Broward County School system in South Florida.  Sandra currently teaches 7th graders, and throughout her career has taught students from twelve to eighteen years old.  Sandra also works to support and develop new educators as a Teacher Mentor. Sandra applied to TGC with the goal to further enhance her own awareness of the global and cultural variables that connect the world, and thereby be able to continue to facilitate her students’ learning and understanding of these issues.
Sandra during her field experience in India at the Government Girls Vocational Higher Secondary School in Wandoor, Kerala.

In the last year, as a part of the TGC program, Sandra has completed an 8-week online course on global education, attended a Global Education Symposium in Washington, D.C., and traveled to India.  Now, Sandra is back in a new school year at Apollo Middle School in Hollywood, Florida, continuing her work as a global educator and readying her students with skills and competencies necessary for a 21st century society.  

We sat down with Sandra to talk about the plans she has for global education in her classroom, and she says she is ready to hit the ground running.   

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