Friday, October 30, 2015

TGC Alumni: Leaders in Global Education

This month seventeen U.S. Teacher Alumni presented at the Global Education Forum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These teacher leaders came from all around the United States to share their expertise on technology, best instructional practices, curriculum reform, and student learning for global education.

Karen Lieneke (AZ) and Meg Riley (AZ) facilitated a session around the increasingly diverse linguistic and cultural environment in U.S. schools. They worked with teachers to build skills and awareness for better teaching practices in evolving school demographics.  Jorge Lopez (CA) and Jennice McCafferty-Wright (MO) presented on the role of Critical Media to teach global issues in a culturally-responsive framework. They use hip hop, street art, and other popular media to engage their students as global citizens.

Seth Brady (IL), Lou Kindschi (WI), and Jon Pazol (IL) are currently developing global certificate programs in their respective states. Their presentation “How Teachers as Policy Makers for Global Education and Advocates for Systemic Change: Establishing Global Scholars Certificates” provided a space for participants to discuss challenges and successes around issues of access, equity, and opportunity as global education teacher leaders.

Jennifer-Chavez Miller (NM) is developing a year-long, globally-focused program of study at her school. She recently traveled to Finland to study their education system and learn best practices in global education. Using her experience in New Mexico and Finland Jennifer worked with teachers to create global learning mission statements that set the foundation for more purposeful instruction in global education. 

John Clark (FL) led a discussion to find the best practices for incorporating international experiences into instruction and engaging students as global citizens. Steve Weissburg (NY) and Kirstin Bullington (SC) facilitated a session on the best practices and lessons learned in global collaborative projects in math, science, and engineering classes.

Sara Damon (MN) led a discussion providing teachers with resources and inspiration for student- learning experiences outside of the classroom. She encouraged teachers to use service-learning opportunities to enhance the development of global competence.

Sara Krakauer (MA) and Joann Martin (AZ) presented on student activism and student volunteering at the local and global level. They led a discussion on motivating students to generate sustainable and effective solutions to global issues.

Chris Lazarski (WI) presented on technology for building global classroom connections. Chris used his experience with Twitter as model for student engagement. His students connect with journalists and students from around the world in order to increase their knowledge of world affairs and develop important media literacy skills.

These presentations represent the great work being done across the United States by U.S. Teacher Alumni of the Teachers for Global Classrooms Program. Many presenters are winners of alumni grant funding. Seth Brady is a recipient of two alumni grants to support the development of the Illinois Global Scholar Certificate; Jennice Wright received an alumni grant to support her work with pre-service teachers in Missouri and upcoming presentation at a conference in Morocco.  We love supporting our U.S. Teacher Alumni to globalize student learning and to further develop leadership skills.  Apply for a U.S. Teacher Alumni Grant today!

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